How boomerank supports you


Increase Your Organic Traffic

Imagine every month you get the best SEO recommendations displayed on your website personalized for you. You don't need to worry anymore, becausse boomerank does most of the work for you.

  • Automated keyword research
  • Prioritization of the products
  • Competition analysis for products
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Prognosis of the effect

SEA Growth

With boomerank your Google Ads account can be created and maintained without expertise and without much effort. boomerank takes over the major part of the work.

  • Automated profitability analysis
  • Create ads with 1 click
  • Perfect reporting for eCommerce
  • Compatible with existing account
  • Ongoing automated optimization

SEA Efficiency

boomerank can calculate automatically, whether a Google Ads account is really efficiently set up and whether the paid advertising is really necessary for bringing in conversions.

  • Savings potential at a glance
  • Visibility in focus
  • Reveal the most expensive keywords
  • budget control
  • Continuous adaptation to competition

boomerank makes life easier

At a glance

boomerank is a software as a service solution and therefore accessible from everywhere. Our data is securely stored on servers in Germany, i.e. within the EU. To use boomerank you do not need to be an online marketing expert.

Automation of Google Search Ads
Probability to discover new opportunities
Automation of the SEO activities
Efficiency of advertising expenditure

In only 5 steps to success

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Product Data

It only needs a data feed in CSV or XML format.

Google Ads

To place ads, your account must be connected.

Search Console

Your Search Console should also be connected for reporting.

Add Info

Key figures such as the conversion rate are used to make analyses.


Now you can start and activate the recommendations.

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