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DEMO and Setup

Yeah, sure. Just give us your contact details and a boomerank employee will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment. The DEMO is of course free of charge.

The DEMO takes about 30 min. We will show you the basic functions of boomerank and how easily it helps you to increase your digital visibility. Afterwards you can decide whether you want to use boomerank or not.

If you decide to use boomerank, we will set up a project and account for you. After that you only need to edit your settings in a short setup (about 5 min) and you can start using boomerank. You can find out which accounts and data boomerank needs in the setup section.

bomerank needs 3 things to be fully functional. 

  1. Product-Feed
  2. Google Ads
  3. Google Search Console

You've arranged all three - Perfect! You can start immediately. 

You haven't set up everything? No problem, we'll find a solution for that too. Just get in touch with us.

Boomerank needs a product catalog, preferably in Google Shopping format. If you have a product catalogue in a different format, we can also use this. Please contact a boomerank employee for this.

Don't worry, we have a solution for that too. We have developed a software that can create a product catalogue from your shop or website in minutes. We are happy to take a closer look at this topic in the demo.


There are 3 types of recommendations:

  1. SEO-Growth:
    By implementing these recommendations you improve your organic position.
  2. SEA-Growth:
    Create advertising campaigns on relevant keywords with best performance
  3. SEA-Efficiency:
    Reduce your advertising costs to keywords where you are organically well placed

The SEO difficulty tells you how difficult it is for you and your products to appear on the first Google results page. To do this, we take into account countless parameters to give you the most accurate value possible. The values typically range between 20% and 70% - the higher the value, the more difficult it is to get a good ranking.

In contrast to other providers who depend on databases, boomerank can calculate a difficulty for every imaginable search term. In doing so, boomerank takes into account a variety of values that are also included in the Google ranking. This way we achieve much higher data availability than other providers.

Boomerank automates research and measures from the field of SEO and SEA and can also automate the creation of advertisements. The further optimisation of the campaigns as well as the creation of extensions, etc. must (still) be done in the Google Ads Account itself. 

Boomerank unfolds its full potential at about 100 products or 30 pages. This is approximately the area in which manual checking and research of the rankings and keywords is no longer possible, because it would take too much time.
Furthermore, boomerank does not only analyse one location or country, but can automate analyses and recommendations for many countries. Especially for companies that operate in several countries this is a particular advantage.

That all depends. The recommendations (e.g. use of certain keywords in the product description, etc.) should be implemented and require manual activities in the area of PIM, online shop system, etc. But since you know exactly what to do, the effort here is of course much less than without the support of boomerank. All in all you should invest about 10 hours per month in SEM measures to achieve progress.

The training period for boomerank is very short. Within a few minutes you can learn the basics and start using boomerank for yourself.

No detailed knowledge is necessary. However, a certain basic knowledge of search engine marketing is necessary to understand the data boomerank provides and to be able to implement the recommendations derived from it.

Your data remains in your hands. Boomerank only takes over read and write permissions for your accounts where it is necessary.

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